How to build your own Bitcoin faucet with free script? without coding !!.

in this article we will cover how to create your own bitcoin faucet with  faucetpay  free script.

the points that are covered in the article:

    1. Get a Web hosting server.
    1. Download the free script.
    1. upload script files to the web hosting server.
    1. configure your website details.
    1. fill website balance and link it to  faucetpay   faucets list.

Get a web hosting server:

web hosting server is required to upload your website files to the internet.

you need to purchase a web hosting plan and you need to know that free web hosting can not be used here, free hosting is made for learning.

this might be a drawback because you have to pay some money to launce your site but its a must.

you can use any web hosting company that you like but here we will recommend using Hostinger because its very cheap and easy to use, it has plans that cost only 1.99$ per month. and also they give you free domain name so what are waiting for start creating your website now.

so after purchasing a plan from Hostinger you will get some bonuses for american express online casino and you will be redirected to a page to start with your website:

migrate a website

Now click on migrate my website and then click on upload a website:

upload website files

after that you need to go to Faucetpay and download the script like shown in the next image:

download faucetpay script

now after download go back to Hostinger and upload the downloaded File like shown in the following image:

upload files

now you will be redirected to register a domain name choose your domain as you like, i will be using an existing domain, after getting your domain name click continue and wait till your website becomes ready:

view the website

now when you click on view your website you will see a welcome page so we need to first configure our website and let me explain how.

first click on Control Panel and then choose file manager, you will now see this public_html file (this is the root directory of your website)


public_html files

now you need to enter into public_html file and then you have to copy all the files in the src file and paste it direct inside the public_html so that the website works like i show in the following images:

first go to the faucet folder:

faucet folder

go to src folder

src folder

copy all the files and move them to public_html root directory file:

copy and move files
back icon
back icon again
move files

now delete the faucet :

delete the faucet file

now go to you browser and type this link

and replace with your domain name:

installer page

now you will see the following web page which is the installer you need to configure your website 

configuration page

as you can see you need to fill in your details and create a database for your website and i will show you how, then the desired username and desired password is your admin details that you will use to enter your admin page in the future.

now lets see how to create a database and link it to the website:

first go back to your hostinger dashboard and choose databases:

create a database

now create your database and give it the name and password you desire:

u can see i named it test for now.

new database

after clicking create you will see successful database created all you need to do now is copy and pase your database name and user and password into your website installer page like the following image:

complete faucet setting

click on Install Script.


you will be redirected to your admin page

login to your admin page and change your website name and set the coin you want to pay users.

choose the type of coin you want and set your desired faucet time and more..

you can enter your admin page by typing your websitename.come/admin and change your website setting anytime.

and now you will have a bitcoin faucet that looks like the following image:

faucet web page

now to fund your faucet with money and link it to faucetpay faucet list follow the following steps:

1. first go to faucetpay and go to dash board and then click on faucet owner dashboard. 

2. then you can fill in your faucet name and domain.

3. you will be redirected to a page where you can manage your faucet.

4. now click on manage then choose reveal API key.

5. copy the key and go to your website then enter admin setting scroll down and you will find faucetpay API key paste your key there and click update settings.

6. now choose funds manager from faucet owner dashboard and add balance to your faucet.

7. now go back to faucet owner dashboard and choose manage then scroll down till you find faucet information.

8. fill in the required fields and click submit for review.

9. now faucetpay will review the website to see if it has balance then list the website in the faucet list so users can log in and claim from your website.