Best Free Bitcoin Faucets

Best Bitcoin Websites And Faucets to Earn Free CryptoCurrency Online!!

Bitcoin has grown over the years and with its price increasing with time so many people want to earn bitcoin online.

in this post we will talk about the best bitcoin websites and faucets (faucets are simply websites that you can use to earn free bitcoin and other cryptocurrency such as litecoin, doge, dash, tron and may more…

1. Coinpayu :


coinpayu is one of the best websits to earn free cryptocurrency not only bitcoin you can earn 27 types of cryptocurrency!!

Coinpayu features:


    • earn cryptocurrency by viewing ads (surf ads, window ads, article ads and video ads).

    • earn cryptocurrency by completing offers and survays.

    • earn by claiming free coins from faucets every one hour.

    • passive income by referring users.

    • earn bitcoin and more by puplishing articles.

Payment proof:

in the next image you can see payment proof from my own account also coinpayu doesn’t take any fees to send your payment witch is one of their top featurs!!.

coinpayu payment proof

2. : is online since 2013 and is one of the website you should definitely use to earn bitcoin.. features:


    • Claim free bitcoin every one hour.

    • The best bitcoin saving account with daily interest you only need to keep a balance of 0.0003 satoshi and the site will pay you free bitcoin everyday.

    • earn by referring users, 50% commission for every user claim!!.

    • earn by playing wheel of fortune everyday and win over 5000 satoshi with one spin!!.

Payment proof :

they have a minimun withdraw amount you should reach which is 0.0003 satoshi and they also take some fees to send payment.

freebitco payment proof

3. Cointiply :

cointiply is simply one of the best because it has dozens of ways to earn free bitcoin and money.

Cointiply features :


    • claim free coins everyone hour.

    • watch ads everyday to earn free bitcoins.

    • earn free coins by playing simple games.

    • earn coins by referring users.

    • earn by redeeming promo codes.

    • earn by doing offers and survays.

    • earn by playing cointiplay arena.

    • earn by completing cointiplay quests.

    • use the andriod app to watch videos and ads and much more!..

payment proof :

cointiply has min.withdrawal amount of 50000 coins which is 5$ for bitcoin and 30000 coins (3$) for litecoin, dash and dogecoins.

here is some of my payment from my own account:

cointiply payment proof

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